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Passes and permits

Whether you want to explore the Grand Canyon National Park for a day or camp in the canyon, you have to pay an entrance fee. In addition to that, every overnight stay in the canyon requires a permit. How much does it cost? Where can I buy my permit? How long is it valid for? We answer all your questions and throw in a couple extra tips and goodies. 

Packing guide for the Grand Canyon

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner hiker, the Grand Canyon presents many real challenges such as the unforgiving heat, the lack of shade, the enormous elevation change, the very steep and strenuous trails can be true obstacles to the fittest of us. Fortunately, Sherpa Sam tells us how to prepare physically and mentally for the adventure! 


One thing that will completely ruin your walk is damaged feet. Ever gone on a hike and had your big toe nail pressing against the top of your boot at the end? Something that you could easily overlook but a judicious trim 2 or 3 days beforehand could save you miles of pain if your feet become hot at the end of the hike and swell a little.

Preparation for a hike

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is as exciting as it is challenging. Packing the right items, just like choosing the right backpack can be the difference between an unforgettable experience or a dangerous and painful adventure you will remember for many years. Here's Sherpa Sam's backpacking list of things to pack along with a few insider's tips for an amazing time!

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When it comes to accommodation when you’re hiking, do you prefer to rough-it a little in a campsite, upgrade your comfort and stay in lodge/ranch or lie under the starts cowboy style? All options are available in the Grand Canyon.


Sleeping within the canyon itself is an experience you'll never forget, whether it's under canvas or the comfort of a lodge, the stillness, the stars, the smells will leave an indelible impression. Less populated than the South Rim, it is home to abundant wildlife, hiking trails, and unparalleled views of the Canyon. Spend a night at Cottonwood Campground or at the North Rim campground for an authentic experience off the beaten track. 


Since the single use plastic bottle ban in 2012, visitors won't be able to buy disposable water bottles in the Grand Canyon National Park. So where can I find free filling stations while hiking in the Grand Canyon, you ask? Where are they located on the rim and down in the canyon? And when is it available throughout the year? You will find all these answers here.


You have all year to plan your trip to the Grand Canyon but you may be wondering just when is the best time of year? If you want to make the best of your trip and avoid the extreme weather in the Grand Canyon as much as you can, this article is for you.


Since the Grand Canyon National Park was opened and considering many facilities are historic, the National Park Service has gone to great lengths to ensure that the site is accessible to all. Click here and find lots of useful info on the Grand Canyon Village services and facilities including the shuttle bus itineraries and wheelchair-accessible itineraries.