Since the single use plastic bottle ban in 2012, visitors won't be able to buy disposable water bottles in the Grand Canyon National Park. So where can I find free filling stations while hiking in the Grand Canyon, you ask? Where are they located on the rim and down in the canyon? And when is it available throughout the year? You will find all these answers here.

Sherpa Sam says...

Dehydration caused by the heat is the number one enemy in the Grand Canyon so plan accordingly. You should always have a way of treating water with you while hiking below the rim, whether it is a water filter or water purifying tablets.


CLICK HERE for more information on the water stations and other services. Map courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park. 

As you have maybe heard, disposable plastic water bottles are no longer sold in supermarkets or convenience stores within the park. A ban on individual water bottles came into place in 2012 as an effort to reduce waste all around the Grand Canyon National Park. 


However, you will easily find free filling stations all over the park and along the rim. If you plan on hiking along the South Rim, we have good news for you: the water all over the South Rim is treated spring water collected in the canyon itself. It comes from Roaring Springs (located on the North Rim) and is piped all the way across the Grand Canyon to the South Rim through Indian Garden. In other words, tap water is absolutely safe to drink in the Grand Canyon Nation Park, so fill up your reusable water bottles in your room or at a water fountain in the Grand Canyon Village before you start your hike and then again at the various free water stations that have been installed along the most popular trails in the park. As we say in the canyon: "never pass up a water station, a restroom or an opportunity to refuel your body.


Some filling stations only run seasonally from May to October (usually between the 10th and 30th), so if you’re planning a hike outside the peak season, check with the Backcountry Office to find out if piped water is available at the different spots in the canyon. Water is available year-round at the Backcountry Information Center in the lobby and at Hermits Rest (on the South Rim). 


Please note that the pipeline may sometimes be undergoing some repairs and that water may occasionally be off temporarily. For more recent updates on the filling stations’ status please check out the National Park Service website

South Rim water filling stations (along the rim): 

  • Hermits Rest (located near the other public amenities) 

  • Bright Angel Trailhead 

  • South Kaibab Trailhead 

  • Canyon Village Marketplace 

  • Desert View Marketplace

  • Desert View Visitor Center

  • Yavapai Geology Museum

  • Grand Canyon Visitor Center

  • Verkamp's Visitor Center

  • Maswik Lodge (in the cafeteria)

Free water filling stations in the Grand Canyon: 

  • Hermits Rest (located near the other public amenities) 

  • Bright Angel Trailhead 

  • North Kaibab Trailhead 

  • Supai Tunnel 

  • Manzanita Day Use Area

  • Cottonwood Campground

  • Phantom Ranch

  • Bright Angel Campground

  • Plateau Point (seasonally available)

  • Indian Garden

  • Bright Angel Trail: 3-mile Resthouse (seasonally available)

  • Bright Angel Trail: 1.5-mile Resthouse (seasonally available)

  • Bright Angel Trailhead 

  • South Kaibab Trailhead

North Rim water filling stations (along the rim): 

  • North Kaibab Trailhead 

  • North Rim Visitor Center (adjacent to the restrooms)

  • North Rim Backcountry Office 

Water station