Meet Grand Canyon local Sherpa Sam, a born storyteller with a lifetime of knowledge and experience hiking from Rim to Rim, exploring every trail and sleeping under the stars come rain or shine.

There is no bad day to go to the Grand Canyon.


Sherpa Sam

Do you have a specific question about the Grand Canyon? Ask Sherpa Sam's about his personal favorite places, tips and  recommendations as a born and raised Grand Canyon local!

 But who is Sherpa Sam?


What is your occupation? 

I was a US marine and served in combat. I was also a certified Public Accountant (retired) and Financial Wealth Manager. Now I'm a full-time Grand Canyon adventurer. 


What do you like about hiking? 

Pushing myself and seeing nature in the wild. 


What is one item you should forget to take? 



What are your interests? 

Hiking, music and traveling.


How would your friends describe you? 

Fun, charismatic, full of life and generally a good person.


What was your first impression of the Grand Canyon? 

Wow! Amazing creation of God! I'm out there every chance I get!


What is your favorite hike? 

They are all unique and wonderful but I really like starting with the South Kaibab Trail and coming out the Bright Angel Trail. 


What should I pack for a hike down the Grand Canyon? 

Think in terms of ounces and not pounds. Don't forget to pack an extra pair of high quality hiking socks - or alternatively you can also wear 2 pairs of socks - because you will want to change them on your way back.


What tip could you give someone who wants to hike in the Grand Canyon? 

If you're in good shape, get in better shape. If you are in poor shape, know your limits, don't lose heart and try an easier hike such as the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden. Of course walking along the rim is a sight to see and it isn't too strenuous except for the elevation. It can be snowing on top of the canyon and 't-shirt' weather at the bottom.