Jeff Rasley



Take in the Grand Canyon at sunrise, hike down the steep path along the cliff walls to the pristine Colorado river, camp under the incredible Arizona starry sky or make it back up to the top of the rim for one of the best sunsets in the entire world! The Grand Canyon has everything to satisfy all hikers, beginners or hardcore trekkers. With 54 hard trails spreading from a couple miles to a strenuous 72 miles and offering some of the most spectacular views on the planet, hiking and camping in the Grand Canyon National Park is on many people's bucket list. Is it on yours?

Take your pick between a multitude of 2 or 3-hour mule trips, day trips with an overnight stop at Phantom Ranch, or along the rim and deep into the canyon following the South or North Kaibab Trail, the options are endless!


If you are more of a water happy kind of adventurer, don’t miss whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon! Hop in a motorized or oar-powered raft and enjoy the thrill of going downstream on the Colorado River between exciting whitewater rapids and calm waters, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the canyon and filled with a serene feeling of communion with nature.


50.000 years ago, a meteorite hit the dry desert plain of Central Arizona destroying everything around and creating an impressive moon-like crater. Take a walking tour of the crater, see the museum and the visitor center. A fun family-friendly activity for anyone interested in astronomy. 


A strenuous hike may not be your thing? Or even if it is, you may appreciate a more relaxing and scenic view of the canyon as seen from the historic Grand Canyon Railway. Enjoy a wild-west shoot-out reenactment before you board the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon historic village. The views from the train alone are well worth saving a few hours of your trip for this unique activity!


Have you ever wanted to walk back in time or space? The Trail of Time is a fantastic path along the Grand Canyon South Rim that allows visitors to take a trip back into the history and geology of the canyon, with spectacular views of the canyon from the top of the rim. Perfect for families and for anyone who's unable to hike down into the canyon. Read more to travel through time!