Take in the Grand Canyon at sunrise, hike down the steep path along the cliff walls to the pristine Colorado river, camp under the incredible Arizona starry sky or make it back up to the top of the rim for one of the best sunsets in the entire world! The Grand Canyon has everything to satisfy all hikers, beginners or hardcore trekkers. With 54 hard trails spreading from a couple miles to a strenuous 72 miles and offering some of the most spectacular views on the planet, hiking and camping in the Grand Canyon National Park is on many people's bucket list. Is it on yours?
But where to start? How long will it take, how much will it cost, am I fit enough and what's the perfect hike for me? Where to spend the night and how to get a permit? What to pack and what kind of facilities can I find in the canyon? Sherpa Sam has the answer to all your questions!

First time in the Grand Canyon National Park? Then you're probably wondering if you should you do a day hike, a hike with an overnight stay in the Grand Canyon or a longer hike, maybe camping for 2-3 days? For your first time trekking into the Grand Canyon, we think the hike from the top rim to Indian Gardens and back up to the rim in a day is probably the best option to get used to the harsh terrain and test your fitness.


Sherpa Sam recommends the Bright Angel trail which runs through Indian Garden out to Plateau Point and down to the Colorado river as it is slightly easier than the other trails. But remember, all trails are difficult in the Grand Canyon. We can safely say, as a rule of thumb, that it will take you twice as long to hike back out as it took you to get down so get ready for the Grand Canyon, it's no walk in the park!