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Eat out in Flagstaff

Whether you’ve hiked the R2R, to Indian Garden and back or you’ve camped for the night and eaten al fresco, you’re likely to be thinking of treating yourself to your favourite cuisine and relaxing after your visit to the Canyon. You can find almost all preferences in and around Flagstaff from a quick burger to a more leisurely dining out experience. Take a look at our coupons page for discounts on a range of restaurants, pubs and cafes.


There are many species of animals living in the Grand Canyon, of which, the most notable are the mountain lion, California condor, Grand Canyon rattlesnake, Arizona Bark scorpion, big-horn sheep and over 20 species of bats. Find a list of all the rare and intriguing animals that live in the canyon and that you may be lucky to catch a glimpse and download Grand Canyon Animal Checklist here.

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When you stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and look at the stratification lines, you are looking back millions of years with each layer. The Colorado River and the weather have exposed millions of years of the Earth’s history layer upon layer. The Grand Canyon, as with most canyons, is the result of erosion and not ice aged glaciers. In other words, it has been shaped by water over the last million years. Learn about dinosaur fossils, the Colorado river, the various rock formations and the history of the Grand Canyon.