When hiking, camping or simply photographing in the Grand Canyon National Park, always tell someone where and when you are going, and carry the following items with you when you venture out on the trails:
  • Water: at least one gallon per person, per day.
  • Food: salty snacks. Eat twice as much as normal .

  • First Aid Kit with tweezers.

  • Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries.

  • Map, compass, GPS.

  • Appropriate clothing: extra layer, rain jacket, hiking shoes, hat, and sunscreen.

  • Whistle and signal mirror in case of emergency.

  • Knife or multitool.

  • Cell phone: call 911 if injured and stay in place until help arrives. Be aware that service can be unreliable.

The Southwest sun can be INTENSE. Weather changes quickly and unexpectedly. Be prepared for extreme heat or cold, high winds, and sudden storms all in the same day. 

Wildfires in the Southwest of the United States are of major concern. Always review the no burn, no open flame camp fire rules and when a campfire is used, always insure it is snuffed out before departing your camp site.


Flash-flooding can also be common in the Grand Canyon. If it is raining or if rain has occurred in the area, be concerned about flash-flooding. If you anticipate flooding move to high ground and stay there until it is safe to move along the trail again.   ​