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What does Grand Canyon Sherpa offer?

Have you heard about us through one of the social media channels or landed on this page by pure chance? Is the Grand Canyon on your future bucket list or are you planning a trip there in the near future? If so, our comprehensive Grand Canyon Sherpa Guide is all you will need to make your Grand Canyon experience stress-free, thoroughly enjoyable and most of all, unforgettable.

Sherpa Sam at the Grand Canyon

Hey there! I'm Sherpa Sam!

"I've spent most of my life hiking, camping and exploring the Grand Canyon. One evening that I was setting camp in the canyon I heard a young woman crying. She and her boyfriend had hiked into the canyon unprepared and they had gotten stranded for the night. They had no food, no sleeping bag and they were wearing ... flip-flops!
I helped them as best I could and suddenly I got the idea to help as many people as I could by sharing with them all my tips from years of hiking in the canyon. So I got a few like-minded friends on board and Grand Canyon Sherpa was born!"

Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and you don't know where to start? You've come to the right place!

You're worried that there’s a lot to learn about trekking in the Grand Canyon and you’re not sure you have all the information you need? Maybe you’re not sure where to find it and don’t have the time or the energy to look for it? Relax, we've got you covered! Let Grand Canyon Sherpa lighten the load.

So, what can Grand Canyon Sherpa do for you? We want to help! 

Sherpa Sam has an absolute wealth of information, local tips and recommendations for anyone planning a trip there. We want to help you plan the best trip possible in this beautiful part of the world, so we've put together a Sherpa Guide with EVERYTHING you need to know about the Grand Canyon. 

For only $9.95, you have access to ALL our website pages from behind the curtains and to our downloadable GC Sherpa Guide to take with you on your adventures in and around the Canyon. You also get:

  • route maps, campgrounds, amenities, our GCS app with offline maps so you always know where you are even deep in the canyon

  • all our insider tips, recommendations, checklists such as our Ultimate Grand Canyon Packing List

  • tips on how to prepare and what to take with you for short day hikes and longer overnight trips

  • the best vantage points to watch the sunrise and the sunset 

  • sections on what to do in and around the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff

  • hundreds of dollars worth of discount coupons that will give you discounts on food, drinks, accommodation, gifts and rental in and around the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff

  • access to our memory album options to make your trip truly unforgettable

  • and more ...


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Camping in Mountains


Fail to prepare and prepare to fail - we want to ensure that doesn’t happen to you! In this section you will find information on how to prepare for the Grand Canyon including the Ultimate Grand Canyon Packing Guide (a checklist of what to pack for a day hike and an overnight hike), what permits and passes you will need, where to get them, where to find water while hiking and more. There’s even advice on how to prepare your feet and a 6-week fitness plan that will get you ready for hiking the trails. 



There are many different ways to discover the Grand Canyon. Consider a mule ride to the bottom or whitewater rafting down the Colorado river. Discover a meteor crater, spot the wildlife, marvel at the geological features of the Canyon or take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway. There’s much much more to discover than you can imagine! In  this section you have access to our recommended hikes and trails including the popular Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails with trail maps, advice on where to stay overnight in the canyon.



After a hard day’s trekking you’ll feel like a little rest and recreation. This section includes where to stay, relax and enjoy a meal and a drink in and around the Canyon with coupons and vouchers for discounts in a variety of venues. Fancy yourself as a keen photographer? You can enter our monthly photographic competition or send us your treasured snaps and we can incorporate them into our Grand Canyon Scrapbook as a permanent reminder of your wonderful trip.

Passes and permits

To explore the Grand Canyon National Park for a day or camp in the canyon, you have to pay an entrance fee. In addition to that, every overnight stay in the canyon requires a permit. How much does it cost? Where can I buy my permit? How long is it valid for? We answer all your questions and throw in a couple extra tips and goodies. 

Eat out in Flagstaff
South Kaibab Mule Ride

Take your pick between a multitude of 2 or 3-hour mule trips, day trips with an overnight stop at Phantom Ranch, or from the top of the rim and deep into the canyon following the South or North Kaibab Trail, the options are endless!

Preparation for a hike

Whether you’ve hiked the R2R, to Indian Garden and back or you’ve camped for the night and eaten al fresco, you’re likely to be thinking of treating yourself to your favourite cuisine and relaxing after your visit to the Canyon. Take a look at our coupons page for discounts on a range of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

White water rafting

If you are more of a water happy kind of adventurer, don’t miss whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon! Hop in a motorized or oar-powered raft and enjoy the thrill of going downstream on the Colorado River between exciting whitewater rapids and calm waters, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the canyon and filled with a serene feeling of communion with nature.

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is as exciting as it is challenging. Packing the right items, just like choosing the right backpack can be the difference between an unforgettable experience or a dangerous and painful adventure you will remember for many years. Here's Sherpa Sam's backpacking list of things to pack along with a few insider's tips for an amazing time!

Grand Canyon Geology
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When you stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and look at the stratification lines, you are looking back millions of years with each layer. The Colorado River and the weather have exposed millions of years of the Earth’s history layer upon layer. The Grand Canyon, as with most canyons, is the result of erosion and not ice aged glaciers. In other words, it has been shaped by water over the last million years.

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